Biomolecules and Nanostructures 6

10-14 May 2017, Podlesice, Poland

General Information

The Institute of Physics of Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw and the Committee of Physics of Polish Academy of Sciences are organizing a 6th edition of the conference on Biomolecules and Nanostructures.

Our goal is to provide an informal, creative atmosphere and highly interactive nature of this meeting. Previous editions of this conference have gained the enthusiastic feedback from participants. Now, we have over 120 registered participants and hope to meet you in Podlesice, in the picturesque Polish Jurassic Upland.

Key topics of the conference cover current subjects on the crossroads of molecular biology, physics and chemistry, including biomolecules, nanostructures, nanomachines, biosensors.

The specific topics of the “Biomolecules and Nanostructures 6” conference in 2017 will include:

  • protein folding, aggregation and disorder,
  • single-molecule manipulation
  • biomolecular complexes and their interactions
  • nucleic acids
  • biomembranes
  • polysacccharides,
  • phenomena at bio-nano interfaces

and other subjects in molecular biophysics and biochemistry, in a balance between experimental and theoretical subjects.

The Conference is organized under the auspices of the Division of Physics in Life Science of the European Physical Society. This is the sixth conference in a series. The previous editions took place in Bedlewo near Poznan in Greater Poland, in Pultusk near Warsaw in Mazovia, and in Jaroszowice near Krakow in Lesser Poland

The oncoming event will take place in a small village of Podlesice near Kroczyce in the Krakow-Czestochowa Upland (Polish Jura). The venue is a three star hotel Ostaniec (The Outlier). It offers all necessary facilities, and nearby picturesque limestone hills, outliers and caves. Several excursions e.g. to Ogrodzieniec Castle or Krakow, are available on request after the conference (please, contact directly the hotel reception desk).

The dates are May 10 (Wednesday) - May 14 (Sunday) 2017.
Registration is closed.

Abstract submission was open untill March 3rd, 2017. A few short talks (15 min.) have been already selected from the abstracts. The abstracts book will be issued within the Europhysics Conference Abstracts series published by the European Physical Society.

Best-presentation awards

Two best-presentation awards of 350 EUR each will be funded to young participants by EPL - a journal exploring the frontiers of physics.

Best-poster award

European Physical Society has sponsored one poster prize of an amount of 200 EUR for a poster prepared by a PhD student.

Travel grants

Polish Biochemical Society has sponsored two travel grants for Polish graduate students participating in the conference. The grant is in the amount of 1800 PLN each to cover the full conference fee and accomodation expenses.

The travel grants funded by the Polish Biochemical Society have been awarded to:

  • Agnieszka Markowska-Zagrajek from the Centre of New Technologies and Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw, Poland
  • Michał Rażew from the International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Warsaw, Poland

European Physical Society has sponsored a travel grant of 500 EUR for an invited speaker, and three travel grants of 350 EUR each for young researchers studying or working at a European institution, who received their PhD less than six years prior to the application and present a contribution during the conference. The grants cover all local expenses.

The EPS Invited Speaker is Gerd Ulrich Nienhaus from the Institute of Applied Physics, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany.

The travel grants for young researchers funded by the European Physical Society together with the full conference fee waiver from the conference organizers have been awarded to:

  • Shayon Bhattacharya from Department of Physics, Bernal Institute, University of Limerick, Ireland
  • Mateusz Sikora from Institute of Science and Technology Austria, Klosterneuburg, Austria
  • Yani Zhao from Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland

How to get there

The nearest airports are the Katowice-Pyrzowice Airport (45 km) and the Krakow-Balice Airport (80 km).

You can also get from Warsaw by express trains (~2 h) to the nearest train station - Zawiercie, about 20 km from the venue. The express train connections can be found here, and the online sell of tickets is possible 30 days in advance. We recommend the participants coming from Warsaw to buy the tickets for the IC express train called Porta Moravica, starting from Warsaw Central Station at 13:50 and arriving to Zawiercie at 15:50.

Conference Buses

A group transportation will be provided from Zawiercie train station on May 10th 2017 (Wednesday). The busses will be adjusted to the arrival of express trains, and will be indicated by the conference posters. We recommend the participants coming from Warsaw to buy the tickets for the IC express train called Porta Moravica, starting from Warsaw Central Station at 13:50 and arriving to Zawiercie at 15:50.

Please, let us know the exact time of the arrival of your train to Zawiercie or of your plane to Krakow-Balice or Katowice-Pyrzowice airports, by sending an email to Mr. Krzysztof Mialik at the conference office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) in order to make us possible to arrange for a shuttle to the venue for you. Getting to the venue on your own is tricky. If you need that, we recommend calling a company that provides us with the taxi service: Taxi Sprint Zawiercie +48 794 707 900. Their prices are: from Zawiercie ~60 PLN, from Katowice-Pyrzowice airport ~150 PLN, from Krakow-Balice airport or city ~250 PLN, you can pay with cash or credit card.

After the conference, on May 14th 2017 (Sunday), we will provide transfers from the venue to Zawiercie, Krakow airport and city, and Katowice airport.

Please, watch the conference website for updates.

Useful Phone Numbers

Hotel reception desk + 48 34 315 50 01 or +48 604 196 148

Emergency Calls

From mobile phone 112 for all emergencies

From landline phone:
Ambulance 999
Police 997
Fire department 998

Phone Calls from Poland

From a stationary phone:  00 Your Country Code The Number Abroad
From a mobile phone:    + Your Country Code The Number Abroad


The organizers do not take responsibility for individual, travel or personal insurance. The participants are advised to have their own insurance policies. Please, let us know about any emergencies.