Publications of NanoFun labratories

Scientific potential of the NanoFun project arises from a broad spectrum of multidisciplinary nano- and biotechnological research activities in the range of priority topics of the Innovative Economy Operational Programme: INFO-TECHNO-BIO that encompass new materials and technologies, nanotechnologies, computational sciences, biotechnology, environmental protection as well as basic scientific research for future applications

  • Ultrafast microfluidic systems in biochemical research
  • Biotechnology of the cell for medical applications and environmental protection
  • Molecular prognostic and diagnostic tests in transplantation and carcinoma
  • High-throughput genomics and structural proteomics
  • Protein complexes involved in RNA metabolism as targets for nanomedicine
  • Signaling pathways for cell migration
  • Magnetic particles, microcapsules and ferrofluids magnetic coordination compounds
  • Novel nanomaterials grown by pulsed laser deposition
  • Biominerals - inspiration for novel biocompatible nanocomposites
  • Nanoengineering of geomaterials
  • Novel research methods in archaeology