Back Rooms of Microspectroscopy Laboratory


Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences
Laboratory of Biological Physics
32/46 Lotników Ave., 02-668 Warsaw
tel. +48 22 116 3516; e-mail:
Head: Anna Niedźwiecka


The Back Rooms of the Microspectroscopy Laboratory provide facilities for biological samples preparation for the purpose of microscope (confocal and AFM) experiments and other biophysical assays. The laboratory enables recombinant proteins expression and purification as well as preparation of native compounds from organic tissues, e.g. from plants. The main apparatus is the ÄKTA Purifier liquid chromatography system, equipped with three detection systems: spectrophotometric, fluorimetric and multi-angle light scattering (MALS ) miniDAWN TREOS. The latter is suitable for molecular mass determination in the range of 103 to 106 g/mol (hydrodynamic radii 10 to 50 nm).

Accessories of the system make it possible to use it both for analytical and preparative purposes. The chromatograph works both as FPLC : for protein purification by affinity and ion exchange chromatography, supported by gel filtration, and as HPLC : in analysis of photosynthetic pigments of plants and cyanobacteria, as well as for purification of peptides, nucleic acid fragments and other biologically important compounds. Protein conjugates with quantum dots and protein sizes investigations are performed by gel filtration combined with MALS .

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The laboratory can determine the beta-carotene content in plant or food samples, on customer’s demand, according to the procedures displayed below. If you are interested in ordering such an assay, please complete the FPR_02-8_ ZAPYTANIE O OFERTĘ form ad send a scanned copy to .

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