Biomolecules and Nanostructures 4

15-19 May 2013, Pultusk, Poland

Abstract Submission Instructions

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Abstract title - please do not capitalize whole titles.

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The process is finished with the "Submit" button. Pressing this button saves the abstract in the database.

The following fields: the abstract title, the list of authors, the list of affiliations and the abstract text are equipped with WYSIWYG ("What You See Is What You Get") editor capabilities, allowing you to format the content. You can use most classical text formatting: bold, italic subscript or superscript. If you need special characters (eg. Greek or symbols) you can use "insert character" button (Ω). The WYSIWYG editor lets the authors copy the content from editors like Microsoft Word and to preserve formatting. Some features of the text may however be lost, especially the hard paragraph breaks, when copied from MS Word. Abstract text has to be checked with the "Abstract Preview" command.

To place a figure please press image button (png and jpg files are supported):

Instructions 01

 The dialog window will open. First, please activate image upload:

Instructions 02

And upload dialog will appear:

Instructions 03

File may be selected by drag and drop onto the dialog drop area (red arrow) or by browsing local disks (green arrow). File names will appear and after pressing "upload" button data will be transferred onto server.

Uploaded file(s) will appear in your web file browser (red arrow)

Instructions 04

After selection of file by clicking, the information about image will appear (purple arrow) as well as the properties of the image will be filled (blue arrow). We strongly encourage you to upload larger files (up to 10 MB) and then limit the width in the abstract preview to 350px in "Dimension" section of the dialog. The insert button (green arrow) will place image in the abstract.

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