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Multidisciplinary conference "BIOMOLECULES AND NANOSTRUCTURES - Będlewo 3" was held on 4-8 September 2011 in Będlewo near Poznań. The maine aim of the conference was to promote the National Multidisciplinary Laboratory of Functional Nanomaterials NanoFun project POIG.02.02.00-00-025/09.

Conference topics:

  • biophysical and biochemical studies of molecules;
  • nanosystems at the interface of ogranic matter and solid.


Of the 100 people involved in the "BIOMOLECULES AND NANOSTRUCTURES - Będlewo 3", about thirty persons were foreign guests. Lectures were given by foreign guests belonging to the scientific elite of the modern biotechnology, molecular biophysics, biological physics, bioinformatics, molecular and physical biology, biochemistry, structural biology and surface nanotechnology, m. al.:

Prof. Bertrand Garcia-Moreno, Johns Hopkins University (USA), Editor in Chief of the magazine entitled: Proteins: Structure, Function and Bioinformatics;

Prof. Dror Noy, Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel), outstanding specialist in the field of photosynthesis and bionanotechnology of the artificial proteins;

Prof. Jose Onuchic, CTBP Co-Director and Harry C & Olga K Wiess Professor of Physics, Rice University (USA);

Prof. Daniel Reich, Dean of the Faculty of Physics, Johns Hopkins University (USA);

Prof. David B. Searls (USA), outstanding geneticist, bioinformatics and philosopher, now an independent scientific consultant innovative pharmaceutical companies;

Prof. José M. Valpuesta, Director of the Centro Nacional de Biotecnología in Madrid (spain).


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