Cryo-SEM Sample Preparation Laboratory


University of Warsaw, Faculty of Geology
93 Żwirki & Wigury St., 02-089 Warsaw
tel. +48 22 55 40 320, e-mail:
Head: Bogusław Bagiński




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The laboratory prepares all kinds of samples ready to use in different sophisticated investigation methods (EPMA, SEM, EBSD, CL and many others).

Lapping machine. Specially designed to organise the gauged samples for the simultaneous preparation of 3 to 12 thin sections which are thoroughly finished. It makes possible: the flat lapping of one side of the sample, the gauging of the sample holders, the final product after sawing the sample.

Polishing machine. Polishing of natural heterogeneous materials is more difficult than with the conventional samples in metallography. The polishing process must be in accordance with the geological and physical properties. Samples are polished within 3 simultaneous movements: rotation of the polishing plate, rotation of the 3-sample holders, and autorotation of the preparation.

Heating Bonding Press is designed for bonding of samples onto their glass plate under pressure. The regulation enables us to display the bonding temperature which is maintained at ± 2°C within the temperature range from 20°C to 130°C.


Polishing multiturntable. The machine is designed with various fittings to make it suitable for a range of tasks: floor standing with heavy-gauge square steel frame. 40 mm; thick “Glasweld” plated top, which is scratch-resistant and corrosionproof. Modular construction permits the choice of 2 (standard) or 1 (optional) turntables in one unit. Each turntable module is driven by an individual motor.

Slicing machine is made to saw the samples bonded onto their glass sample holder off. The final thickness is limited only by the fragility of the material to be cut. A levelling at 100 microns is easily obtained from samples bonded on permanent or temporary glass sample holders.

High vacuum sputtering and carbon evaporation for FE-SEM and FIB-CryoSEM.

Freeze dryer for electron microscopy samples preparation.