Genome Analysis Laboratory


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In frame of the NanoFun project, the IMB&B AMU established a Genome Analysis Laboratory, equipped with HiScanSQ and MiSeq (Illumina). This modern genomic equipment provides an integrative solution for genome-wide discovery experiments, targeted validation and screening assays on DNA and RNA level. Recently, trainings in a number of applications have been successfully completed and the following applications are available for users and collaborators:

  • Small RNA sequencing;
  • Whole-genome gene expression by direct hybridization;
  • Custom low- to mid-plex genotyping with GoldenGate genotyping assay;
  • Infinium whole-genome genotyping and copy number variation analysis;
  • DNA sequencing (de novo, re-sequencing, exome sequencing, targeted re-sequencing: amplicons and TruSight Panels);
  • RNA sequencing;
  • CHIPseq.



We are open to collaboration and interdisciplinary projects. We offer assistance in experiment design and data analysis.  For additional information please contact Joanna Wesoły
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