2nd Geoarchaeological Conference



templates/nanofun/photo/konferencje/II_Konf_GeoArcheo/II_geo_archeo.JPGII Geoarchaeological Conference entitled "Memphite necropolis (Egypt) in the light of geoarchaeological and environmental research)" took place in Warsaw on 7-8 December 2012.



The orginizers were:

  • Faculty of Geology, University of Warsaw;
  • Institute of Archaeology, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw;
  • Czech Institute of Egyptology in Prague, Czech Republic;
  • National Multidisciplinary Laboratory of Functional Nanomaterials NanoFun - project POIG.02.02.00-00-025/09.



The conference were attended by over 100 people: active archaeologists (about 70%), geologists, geographers, geomorphologists and students from: archaeology, geology and environmental studies.